Our company has extensive experience in Countermeasure activities. Based on this experience, we are able to offer a comprehensive selection of effective equipment for Technical Surveillance Countermeasure. We are also ready to provide theroretical as well as practical training.


  • High Speed Detection System of any unauthorized electromagnetic emission within 9 kHz - 19 GHz
  • Non linear Junction Detector against passive electronic components
  • Telephone and Line Analyzer
  • Thermal imaging to detect covert hot spots caused by active electronics
  • Lens Detector
    - for close range application to find hidden cameras with miniaturized lenses
    - for long range application to find unfriendly optical scopes
  • X-Ray inspection
    Mobile X-Ray processing to screen suspect objects
  • Wall Analyzer for scanning walls and floors



Important note

Please note that we only deliver to security agencies and services, authorized organizations and companies and to selected partner companies.
For further information please contact us directly, either by phone on +41 41 710 86 44 or short contact mail - we will call you back.