Audio Surveillance

As a specialist in Audio Surveillance we can offer many solutions for various applications.


Audio Transmitter

  • Miniaturized Audio Transmitter, with or without radio control
  • Digital/Analog Transmitter, with or without store & download
  • Digital Spread Spectrum Systems
  • Frequency Hopping Systems
  • Audio Transmitter with BURST transmission
  • Security Transmitter with alarm and tracking function


Audio Recorder

  • Miniaturized digital Audio Recorder
  • Covert Audio Recorder
  • Mono or stereo recording, with or without compression
  • Audio COFDM-BURST transmission with store & download option
  • 180 days audio recording and simultaneously real-time listening
  • Cancellation of disturbing noise by adaptive digital filters


Optical Acoustic Laser Microphone

  • Acoustic surveillance and observation by advanced laser technology up to 300 m
  • Quick setup and exact targeting, using an integrated, parallax-free camera
  • Independent from viewing-angle to target