ATECS AG, Advanced Technology Solutions is a professional partner for Government Security in following fields:

  • Video and Audio Surveillance
  • Communication and Monitoring Analysis
  • Technical Countermeasure Solutions
  • Special Solutions for Security Authorities


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ATECS AG, Advanced Technology Solutions is a swiss manufacturer and provider of professional video-, audio- and special-solutions. The company is part of Zech Group based in Germany.

We work closely together with national and international security and defense authorities and develop our products especially based on application requirements of our customers. In addition, we complete our range with various products from our network partner companies. Professional consulting, product-demonstrations and -tests are part of our services as well as technical support and training.

Our product line includes:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Audio Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Forensic
  • IT and Communication Security
  • Tracking
  • TSCM
  • Jammer
  • Special Products & Systems

We do not deliver to private customers. Our customers are only:

  • Security Authorities in the Ministry of Interior and Foreign Ministries
  • Ministries of Defense
  • Special Units
  • Selected Homeland Security Companies


In a business based on trust and confidentiality, we offer fast response, reliable supply and long term service.